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MomentFeed and Uberall:
Everything You Need to Know

What Is MomentFeed?

MomentFeed was founded in Santa Monica, California, in April of 2010. It is an all-in-one platform for local growth, with the innovation and scale to align national and local digital marketing and help build consumer brands. 

MomentFeed emphasizes local social channels and reputation management, with a focus on the omnichannel customer journey and cultivating brand engagement and loyalty. MomentFeed helps both brands and franchises to manage digital location marketing, social engagement, and online reputation from a single point of control. 

To do this, MomentFeed centralizes local directory listings, store locator pages, review management, and deep analysis into one centralized platform. This also creates a single source of truth for location data, localized social posts and ads, curated content, and keyword tracking across key social platforms and profiles.

MomentFeed works with a variety of technology partners — including Uberall, which powers its listings capabilities. As a result, the platform is able to maintain accurate listings information across all major online directories, including location name, address, telephone, website, and hours of operation, as well as localized information and content.

MomentFeed serves all of North America from its current headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

(NEW) The Uberall Acquisition of MomentFeed

In June 2021, Uberall announced its intention to acquire MomentFeed to create a more complete and powerful omnichannel marketing platform with truly global reach. 

MomentFeed is an existing Uberall business partner. The two companies share similar values, strong cultures and complementary product suites. The combination will expand capabilities and innovation for both companies’ customers, as they pursue a shared vision of global market leadership.The objective is to enable the world's brands to deliver a compelling Hybrid Customer Experience at every step of today's customer journey.

The acquisition news was accompanied by the announcement of a Series C investment in Uberall of $115M by Bregal Milestone, Level Equity, United Internet and Uberall management. The funds will be deployed to accelerate growth in the expanding North American market where MomentFeed already has a significant foothold. 

MomentFeed’s team will continue to work from its Los Angeles offices and maintain its direct customer relationships. Uberall will now directly support global brands that have a North American presence. 

What This Means for MomentFeed Customers and Partners

MomentFeed will continue to maintain its customer and partner relationships. Because Uberall’s listings engine already powers MomentFeed’s solution, existing customers will find continuity in MomentFeed’s local digital marketing products. The two companies will become more integrated as we bring the teams together, share resources, and build a unified platform.

Momentfeed and Uberall already have significant synergy and serve similar customers and markets. As we combine the strongest elements of both solutions, customers, partners, and prospects benefit from a superior, unified Hybrid Customer Experience platform — backed by an ecosystem of partnerships and an even stronger product development and customer success organization on a global scale.

Uberall will continue to support and power the MomentFeed solution during this transition. Integration of the balance of technology will occur during the second half of 2021, as Uberall and MomentFeed merge the best features of both solutions. The company will then launch the expanded, unified platform in 2022.

Uberall and MomentFeed will quickly become integrated on multiple levels as they form a larger, global entity with a bolder vision. The teams will immediately start executing together on a joint product roadmap.

What This Means for Uberall Customers and Partners

The acquisition of MomentFeed brings expanded social media capabilities for Uberall, including social media management, sentiment analysis, keyword recommendation tools and paid local-social on Facebook and Instagram. This will make Uberall a stronger fit for companies whose Marketing relies heavily on a local-social strategy and involves significant social ad spend. 

The result of this merger will be an integrated, enhanced Hybrid Customer Experience platform that is more robust and powerful than any other in the market. An expanded team of innovators and greater scale in the North American market will also strengthen Uberall’s position as a market leader and support a more ambitious product development roadmap going forward. 

After our engineering teams integrate the two companies' technologies, Uberall partners, customers and prospects will have access to a “next-generation” platform for hyperlocal customer experience management, including digital presence, reputation and social media management, local and social advertising, landing pages, and advanced analytics: 

  • Listings - Use a single source of truth to control how your brand shows up in Listings, managing all location data across all the listings networks that matter for local search visibility.

  • Reputation- Monitor, manage and reply to local ratings and reviews across industry-relevant review and social sites.

  • Social - Engage with customers on a local level, and appear as a locally relevant business when customers are deciding which business to patronize.

  • Locator & Pages - Boost search visibility and help customers quickly find and engage with dedicated listings on your website.

  • Insights - Access incredible insights on customer engagement, from customer sentiment analysis to buyer intent signals - across the entire customer journey. 

MomentFeed’s Approach to Local Marketing

Focused primarily on domestic U.S. and Canadian markets, MomentFeed offers centralized management for business location listings across many sites and directories. 

The platform centers on four areas of strength:

  • Local Search Optimization: Momentfeed grades a businesses’ performance against the five key factors that drive local search rank: listings completeness, listings accuracy, ratings and reviews, local social publishing, and on-page signals. The platform's dashboard offers actionable insights and allows location marketers to drill into areas to improve their local search ranking and visibility.

  • Paid Media Manager for social ads: MomentFeed creates truly location-specific, geo-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads at scale.

  • Breakthrough Sentiment Analysis engine: MomentFeed’s Sentiment Analysis engine is powered by Google’s AI model, which is able to analyze and classify everything being said about a brand on the most popular review platforms including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The algorithm transforms unstructured, hard-to-analyze information into industry-specific and actionable data. 

  • Approved Google My Business API partner: As a Google My Business Trusted Tester, MomentFeed is granted early access to Google's API. This allows MomentFeed to develop alongside Google faster, giving its customers a competitive edge. 

Overall, MomentFeed offers valuable data insights for those who are looking to maximize their visibility on Google, and have an authentic local social presence. MomentFeed’s data and data management are largely powered by their current partnership with Uberall, which provides directory and listings capabilities and data.

MomentFeed Listings Management

MomentFeed offers a single source of truth and control over all listings. Status transparency and hyperlinks verify publication across search engines, social networks, mobile apps, GPS navigation systems, and more. 

MomentFeed focuses its energy on the 10+ authoritative sites that it says matter most, making them available as a Core Network to all clients. The platform then curates another 30+ second-tier sites for an additional cost. This gives customers access to Uberall’s 5-step location data cleansing and verification, bulk uploading, duplicate suppression, and the ability to view master location data — letting them make updates and edits directly, publish changes, and schedule publishing.

MomentFeed Store Locator/Hosted Local Pages  

Locally relevant content that is architected for SEO is another focus for MomentFeed, which includes templates for its Hosted Local Pages to deliver local content, auto-populate 5-star reviews, add location photos/videos, and boost specific promos. MomentFeed’s turn-key templates are mobile-first, conversion-optimized, and SEO-oriented (metatags, schema markup, linking schemes). For clients who want to build and maintain their own corporate website and location pages, MomentFeed also offers SEO-ready APIs.

MomentFeed Reputation Management

MomentFeed lets users monitor and respond to reviews on Google, Facebook, and other social sites from a central location. MomentFeed's Automated Review Response solution helps businesses automate responses to no-comment reviews. Automated Review Response is included with  MomentFeed’s Optimize package. It comes with 20+ templates to leverage for each no-comment, one-to-five star review, as well as dynamic fields to personalize the response with the user's name, the store location they visited, and how many stars they left. 

MomentFeed Social Media Management

MomentFeed allows localized content targeting plus centralized brand control on social media channels, including local social pages, posts, and Q&As. MomentFeed has direct partnerships and integrations with Google, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter. It also supports location-specific, geo-targeted paid advertisements for Facebook and Instagram ads at scale. Dashboards, role-based user views, content library, and scheduler include tiered management and approval tools, and businesses can set up unique alerts based on keyword mentions or local ratings. Mobile app-enabled.  

MomentFeed Analytics 

MomentFeed’s Proximity Search Optimization Dashboard offers quick access to visibility reports, actions, history and drill-downs, tracking five factors:

  1. Local listings accuracy

  2. Local profile completeness

  3. Ratings and reviews

  4. Local Facebook publishing activity

  5. On-page signals

MomentFeed’s Visibility Reports track insights across social channels, branded and unbranded search engine rankings, page and listing health, network errors and listing discrepancies. It also tracks visitor actions like clicks to call, clicks for directions, clicks to visit websites, and online orders for any location or group of locations.

MomentFeed Keyword Suggestion Tool

MomentFeed’s keyword suggestion tool automatically surfaces keyword recommendations for review responses, posts, or business listings. MomentFeed's keyword suggestion tool helps keep primary keywords top of mind when writing content to maximize your visibility for the keywords that matter most for local search ranking and visibility.

MomentFeed Sentiment Analysis

MomentFeed offers a Sentiment Analysis engine, co-developed by Google and MomentFeed, to understand the nuances of customers' reviews. Using machine learning algorithms, it adds industry-specific insights and contextual accuracy to unstructured, hard-to-analyze information.

What Is Uberall?

Uberall is a global leader in location marketing and a pioneer of the Hybrid Customer Experience. The leading-edge cloud platform serves nearly 1.4 million managed locations around the world, managing more European listings than any other competitor, and maintaining a strong presence across North America. Headquartered in Berlin, Uberall has offices in London, Paris, San Francisco, Detroit, Montreal, and Amsterdam.

Uberall Mission Control

Uberall Mission Control gives you real-time, round-the-clock control over your business information, everywhere it's found online.

Uberall Listings

Easily create, manage and optimize 'shop fronts' that lead to your physical locations, wherever people look for products and services online. 

Uberall Reviews

Take control of your online reputation and ratings, so that your business is the number one choice for search engines and customers alike.

Uberall Locator & Local Pages

Connect your website and app visitors to the physical locations where your products or services are offered.

Uberall Local Social

Share locally-relevant content, news, and special offers and turn online engagement into real-world revenue.

Uberall Analytics

Dig deeper into how customers find, experience and interact with your locations online, to power decisions that improve the performance of your business.

Uberall Insights

Get an executive summary of how well your business locations are getting found, being chosen, and driving loyalty - and take action.


Pricing of Uberall’s solution varies by the number of locations a business has, geography, and which modules are purchased. That’s because every business is different and we want to calibrate to ensure you are getting what you pay for, and what you need. This helps to control costs and maximize your return on investment. Connect with us to discuss what pricing would look like for your unique case. 

Is Uberall worth it?

Your goal is to get your business in front of prospective customers and help them to find and buy from you. But your digital presence is also an essential way to engage with existing local clientele that will lead to brand loyalty and repeat business. You need a location management solution that recognizes the holistic nature of the way consumers buy now. Uberall is not only the most powerful technical solution on the market today — it is also a thought-leader that is helping to keep our clients on the leading edge of how customers buy. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you have both the tools and the knowledge you need to evolve with technology and consumer behavior. And you will see the results in clicks, visits, calls, leads, impressions, and sales.

MomentFeed and Uberall: Feature by Feature

How Uberall Strengthens MomentFeed

Uberall is delighted to be combining its capabilities with MomentFeed. Because Uberall’s industry-leading listings integrations are already embedded within the MomentFeed platform, MomentFeed customers will continue to benefit from support and product advancements. 

Uberall and MomentFeed will be merging the best of both solutions and launching a unified platform in early 2022. Customers, partners and prospects will continue to see a multitude of benefits as the solutions are merged into a superior and unified platform with an ambitious product roadmap, backed by an even stronger North American product development and customer success organization

What Uberall Brings to MomentFeed:

  • A market-leading presence and global experience

  • Cloud Location Data Management leadership

  • Featured Google My Business partner with full 2-way API for GMB and Google Maps

  • A dedicated commitment to product and engineering advancement

  • More than 150 established and Tier 1 industry partnerships

  • Fully managed onboarding, data cleansing & normalization

  • Facebook, Yelp and Apple Maps marketing partnerships

  • Best-in-class priority data cleansing and geo-location services

  • Always-on data sync and automated duplicate identification via algorithm

  • Best-in-class solutions for data quality management

  • Advanced reputation management capabilities

  • Automated self-serve platform with sophisticated user access and data controls

  • Advanced analytics and a single source of control

Evaluate Uberall for Yourself

Our existing customers work with Uberall because of our best in class software, but they stay with us because of the ease of setup, ease of use and terrific customer support.

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